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Aspect has unrivalled experience and expertise in the asbestos removal industry sector.

Aspect has undertaken contracts of every size and scope across a broad spectrum of municipal, commercial and domestic buildings. From offices to hospitals, schools to airports, theatres to factories, from the finest royal palace to the humble household shed, Aspect can deliver an appropriately resourced service with fully qualified personnel, the latest equipment and the very highest technical standards of operation.

Protecting you and your workforce

Depending on the outcome of the survey, we will undertake encapsulation, soft strip or asbestos removal work efficiently, effectively, and, most importantly, safely. This is not just about complying with regulations – it is about adequately protecting your site and your workforce from potential contamination and your organisation from potential damaging litigation. Many years at the ‘coal face’ and an in-depth scientific knowledge of asbestos have enabled us to develop a ‘best practice’ approach to removal, with optimum solutions for every scenario and an overriding commitment to client care. This means that we will only ever recommend a course of action based on the facts and your obligations, rather than our commercial interests. If wholesale removal is not necessary – and quite often it isn’t – then that’s exactly what we’ll advise.

Committed to compliance

For many clients, timing is a critical issue. That’s why we commit to a fixed timeframe at contract stage and scale up the team accordingly to ensure we meet your schedules. And rest assured that when you appoint Aspect, you are working with a company that understands its obligations fully. Despite rising costs and growing evidence of some firms trading without it, we have the highest levels of employer’s liability insurance and conform at all times to the HSE and the ‘Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012′ (CAR).

Turnkey Service

As well as boasting one of the largest contingents of qualified removal operatives in the country, we also employ a number of allied tradesmen who are vetted and thus similarly qualified. This means that we can offer a true turnkey service when additional works in asbestos areas are required, such as thermal insulation, plastering, plumbing or electrics, as well as undertaking localised spot repairs or removal for a more cost-effective alternative to complete removal.

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