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Years Ahead of The Competition

With a varied customer portfolio and a high number of nationwide orders, Aspect Contracts continually invests in and reviews its technology and systems, ensuring a seamless service and continued customer satisfaction.

For example, we currently utilise a bespoke in-house database to ensure excellent customer service for all our clients and to monitor all agreed Key Performance Indicators , ensuring that these are met and, in a large percentage of cases, exceeded.

SQL Database – Aspect Intranet

Access to this data is available on a 24 hour and 365 days per year.

Working closely with a database designer we specified a database that has the following capabilities:

  • Web‐enabled to allow clients to have remote access to key contract information via a secure portal.
  • Records key critical dates and events including: inspection date, result of inspection, removal date, and records any relevant issues relating to the inspection or removal process.
  • Allows  documentation to be disseminated to clients and subcontractors, such as removal completion dates, to allow the repair contractor to programme follow-up work.
  • Automatic status updates – the system has the facility to send automatic emails to clients when a critical event or status has been achieved or changed. The system is flexible, in that it can be tailored to the individual needs of the client and as such the client can select from a permutation of automatic alerts. With this information automatically provided, the client can efficiently progress to the next stage of the claim resolution.
  • Tailors the front end of the database for each client – one client has asked for an adaption that would allow them to use this system as the primary means of co‐ordination between its various sister companies.
  • Online storage of photos and contract documentation, which has provided us with the additional opportunity to enhance our disaster recovery systems.
  • Allows invoicing and posting to the sales ledger.
  • Manages the KPI requirements of each client.

Our state of the art web servers and DMZ enable us to provide first class secure data storage for our clients and with 24/7 365 accessibility our systems are always available. We have invested heavily in all our IT systems and pride ourselves on our dedication to maintain our belief that we are years ahead of our competition.

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